SPAR4 – Tail Pulley Rock Deflector

Are rock particles infiltrating between your conveyor belt and tail pulley posing a problem? Then you need the SPAR4 rock deflector.

SPAR4 advantages:

  • Extends the lifespan of the belt and tail pulley
  • Does not put drag on the belt, meaning the conveyor does not require more power to operate
  • Improves safety near the tail pulley
  • Covers the nip point between the belt and tail pulley
  • Scrapes the drum face clean
  • Not bulky

*Cannot be used next to a wing pulley

SPAR4 features:

  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Polyethylene deflection blade
  • Adjustable steel blade scrapes the drum face
  • Standard models adapted to CEMA widths always available
  • Compatible with curved or straight drums
  • HD and customized models available upon request

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