Contain and Reduce Dust

Increase dust sealing and reduce dust infiltration

The TRANSPAR is our most versatile and effective dust confinement tool. By combining the principle of a deep trough with external sliding rails and flexible self-adjusting skirts, the TRANSPAR transforms your conveyor into a dust-tight tube. It can be used with material transfer conveyors, located where it meets another conveyor, a screen or a crusher. It may be equipped with a SPARMAT impact bed to absorb the shocks caused by heavy material striking the belt at high velocity.

TRANSPAR advantages:

  • Reduce dust and spills by 95%
  • Reduce the need to clean belts by over 200%
  • Eliminate the need for daily skirt adjustment
  • Reduce general conveyor maintenance
  • No loss of sealing tightness in case of belt misalignment
  • Quick and sizable ROI

Why a deep trough?

  • Increases belt “beam effect” and reduces sag
  • Uses both belt covers to seal it
  • Optimizes centring of the material transported on the belt

TRANSPAR features:

  • Deep trough ranging from 45° to 75° 
  • Maze sealing system
  • Ultra-high density polymer sliding panel
  • Galvanized chassis
  • May be easily connected to a deduster
  • Compatible with the SPARMAT and MS SPAR idler system
  • Available for belts from 18″ to 96″ wide and at least 10′ (3 m) long

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