The TRANSPAR EX is out most versatile low-maintenance belt conveyor containment system.

The TRANSPAR EX is suitable for the transfer and handling of bulk material by belt conveyor and can be installed at a loading zone under a screen or crusher. the TRANSPAR EX may be combied with a SPARMAT impact bed for heavier loads.

The TRANSPAR EX comprises polyethylene guide rails, soft rubber skirts and a galvanized steel chassis and hoods.

May be integrated into new or existing conveyors.

Compatible for 24’’ to 72’ wide belts’.

Does ot use more power than a standard sealing system for the same lenght.

Contact us to ensure your conveyor is compatible with the TRANSPAR EX containement system.

The TRANSPAR EX containment system is built to last. The sturdy and resistant materials used in its construction guarantee its longevity, as well as extend the lifespan of your installations.

• Double skirts at the belt entry and exit
• Self adjusting inside rubber skirts
• Polyethylene guiding rails
• Galvanized steel components.

• for better safety and ease of maintenance rollers may be replaced without lifting the belt.
• TRANSPAR EX is available with 5" or 6" CEMA C, D or E idlers depending on your proces and on the conveyor's belt width. TRANSPAR idlers may also be equipped with eavier rollers if required.

The TRANSPAR EX requires only minimal maintenance. The double rubber skirts at the belt entry and exit points and the permanent contact between the belt and outside slide rails create a nearly permanent contained space on the conveyor. SPillage is eliminated by the self-adjusting inside skirts. The outside slide panels have a very long lifespan.

We do not warrant that our guards meet all local codes. It is the responsability of the end user to have them checked by a local inspector.