The SPARTRANS EX is our basic belt conveyor containment system.

The SPARTRANS EX is suitable for conveyors used to transfer and handle of low-sized bulk material.

The SPARTRANS EX comprises polyethylene guide rails,soft rubber skirt and a galvanized steel chassis and hood.

May be integrated into new, existing or reversible conveyors.

Compatible for the following belt widths:
- 18’’ (preliminary study pending)
- 24’’ to 36’’ standard
- 42‘’ or greater for light application and low profile troughts.

Does not use more power than a standard sealing system of the equal lenght.

The SPARTRANS EX is designed for light applications. For standard and heavy applications, we reccomend the TRANSPAR sealing system.

Contact us to ensure your conveyor is compatible with the SPARTRANS EX containment system.


Prevents material and dust spillover, thus reducing the frequency of cleaning operations and improving worker safety.

Significantly reduces frequency, duration and cost of maintenance operations.

Complete sealing solution for light loading points.

The SPARTRANS EX containment system is built to last. The sturdy and resistant materials used in its construction guarantee its longevity, as well as extend the lifespan of your installations.

• Self adjusting rubber skirts
• Polyethylene guiding rails
• Galvanized steel component

• The SPARTRANS EX is available with 5" CEMA C or D iddlers depending on the application and on the conveyor's belt width.
• For ease of maintenance, rollers may be replaced without lifting the belt by removing their brackets.

The SPARTRANS EX requires only minimal maintenance. The inside rubber skirts are self-adjusting, and the outside slide rails have a very long lifespan. The contact between the belt and rubber skirts eliminates spillage almost permanently.

We do not warrant that our guards will meet all legal codes. It is the responsability of the end userto have them checked by a local inspector.