A deep trough version of our original SPARMAT impact bed, the SPARGAMAT prevents loading point spillage and protects the belt from damage caused by the impact of heavy material.

The SPARGAMAT comprises a galvanized steel chassis, sturdy chains, rubber absorption bars, inside sealing panels, impact pads and polyethylene guide rails.


-Extends conveyor belt lifespan

-Offers three degrees of freedom: the flexibility of the belt (due to its position relative to the damping blocks), the chain' vertical movement when material falls on the blocks, and the flexibility of the lateral rubber absorbers placed under the chains.

-Significantly reduces frequency, duration and cost of maintenance operations.

-the permanent contact between the belt and outside slid rails prevents loading point spillage.

-Maintains belt alignement at the loading point. A self-aligning model is also available for application with complex alignement needs.

May be used with new and existing conveyors.

Adaptable to your production needs:
- bulk size of up to 20’’
- Drop height may exceed 6’
- Belt speed of up to 600'/min
- Available for 54" wide belt on request
- Available in three standars lenghts 4’, 5’ and 6’

The SPARGAMAT is compatible with the TRANSPAR sealing system, the SPAR AC self alignement systems and the MS SPAR deep trough idlers.

Contact us if your application does not meet the specifications mentionned above.

The SPARGAMAT deep trough impact bed is built to last. The sturdy and resistant materials used in its construction guarantee its longevity, as well as extend the lifespan of your installations.

•SPARGAMAT height and width may be adapted to nearly every conveyor, with a minimum space.
• The SPARGAMAT's chain system allows adjustment to obtain the best desirable trought at the loading point.

The Graph illustrates the approximate range of lump size and drop height that can be accommodated by each SPARGAMAT model. However, you should contact our team for assistance in selecting the specific SPARGAMAT impact bed to meet your needs.

Note : Mass M (in kg) of the largest lump is calculated by multiplying lump size G (in m) and volume weight V (in kg/m3) :
M=0,52 x G3 x V

*SPARGAMAT120 is made to order.