The SPARET EXP is a slide bed for wide picking belts operation under a screen. The SPARET EXP features a self-adjusting rubber skirts system that optimizes dust containment and requires minimal maintenance.

The SPARET EXP comprises polyethylene guide rails, soft rubber skirts and a galvanized steel chassis.

When used with a SPAR 7 belt return guide, the SPARET EXP aligns the belt perfectly under the screen.

-Available for 60" to 96" wide belts.

-Belt speed of up to 350'/min

-Suitable for low tonnage ( 500 - 600 tph).

-Suitable for lump size of up to 1"

-Only compatible with vulcanized splice belts.

Contact us if your application does not meet the specifications mentionned above.


-Specially designed to minimize fines hopper clearance.

-Significantly reduces frequency, duration and cost of maintenance operations.

-An excellent anti-spillage solution for screen applications.

-Contains no mechanical parts that must be closely monitored for wear.

The SPARET EXP picking slider bed is built to last. The sturdy and resistant materials used in its construction guarantee its longevity, as well as extend the lifespan or your installations.

• With wide belt configurations, the height of the hopper under the screen may be kept to a minimum, thus maximizing space and cutting construction costs.

The SPARET EXP requires minimal maintenance. The inside skirt board seals are self-adjusting, and the slide rails have a lifespan of several years.

The contact between the belt and the SPARET EXP eliminates spilage almost permanently.