The SPAR AC is a self-training loading system developed using proven mechanical principles.

The SPAR AC ensures reversing belts remain continuously aligned

The SPAR AC comprises a galvanized steel chassis and polyethylene inside sealing panels and guide rails that are in permanent contact with the belt.

May be integrated into new, existing or reversing conveyors.

Adapts to your production need:

-May be combined with the SPARTMAT impact bed to accomodate large lumps.

-Belt speed of up to 600'/min

-Available for belt widths up to 48" SPAR AC is made to order

Contact us if your application does not meet the specifications mentionned above.


- Ensures continuous belt alignement

- Significantly reduces frequency, duration and cost of maintenance operations.

- Designed for reversible conveyors

-As effective against spillage as the SPARGA and SPARGAMAT.


Once installed, the SPAR AC requires minimal maintenance. The slide rails and the sealing panels have a lifespan of many years.(*).

(*) Lifespan generally observed for applications meeting the specifications.