The SPAR 3 is a belt turnover system that has proven effective for over 20 years. On the return strand, the SPAR 3 turns the dirty surface of the belt upwards near the drive pulley, and then returns the belt to its original position near the tail pulley. The SPAR 3 ensures that the return rollers only come in contact with the clean side of the belt. This eliminates material spillage at each return roller and also eliminates the need for costly rubber disc return rollers. A solution for reducing conveyor maintenance.

The SPAR 3 comprises pinch roller systems and two U-shaped poyethylene guides.


- May be integrated into new, existing or reversible conveyors.

- Available for 18" to 48" wide belts (SPAR 3 for 54" and 60" wide belts are also available on request).

- Compatible with most fabric belts.


Contact us if your application does not meet the specifications mentioned above.

The SPAR 3 is built to last. The sturdy and resistant materials used in its construction guarantee its longevity, as well as extend the lifespan of your installations.

• The pinch rollers assembly may be adapted to nearly every conveyor chassis. Each roller comprises the adjustable components needed for optimal installation.

• Idler kits are available with 6" diameter, CEMA D or E rollers

Heavier rollers also available on request.